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Merging marketing, messaging and technology to improve your customer retention, acquisition and performance.

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Video 222

2 minutes • 2 weeks • 2 thousand.

about affordable video for your B2B and B2C digital marketing.

Market Segments


Financial Services.

"...Craig transformed an organization that had almost no marketing to one that was dynamic, engaging and attention getting. I really enjoyed working with Craig and was constantly impressed with his creative thinking, diligent work efforts, and focus on creating value for our clients."

Small Business

"...[Craig's] creative and artistic flair brought many of our products to life. Many of the projects were on expedited timelines and Craig consistently managed the projects in a professional and timely manner."

Consulting Services

"Craig possesses a high degree of ingenuity and a strong sense of what works for marketing and what doesn't. Having worked with him on company re-branding, development of extensive collateral and web site, I have found him to be extremely creative and have a unique ability to catch the audience's attention."

Small Business

"We had only a nascent marketing infrastructure when he arrived and now have a vibrant website, a library of market commentary, top notch product brochures and a much clearer picture of our client and prospect interactions. "

Employees cost money - most consulting services are executed remotely and require few internal resources. No office, no insurance, no benefits - only marketing performance.
Custom Compensation Structure - whether designing an integrated strategy or executing a specific projects, marketing support services are offered in a variety of pricing models.
Sized for any Budget - short-term, long-term, big or small, all marketing support services are designed to meet your specific requirements.
Higher Return on Marketing Expenses - focus your expenditures on marketing support services that produce maximum impact on your business.


The Bottom Line

The world is constantly changing. New ideas, products and markets are introduced on a daily basis. Many people think these changes are altering the very concept of business. History shows us, however, that since the dawn of early civilization even the most revolutionary upheavals in technology won’t change the basis of all business.

Business is simply providing a customer with a product/service that satisfies a need or want in exchange for something of perceived equal value. What has changed – and continues to change - is the way we communicate this value to the market. So if your product/service satisfies a desire, need or want but you are finding it difficult to communicate its value, call me. I can help.